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More about Nel and Lee

Nel and Lee is our hospital practice at Kuilsriver Hospital. Nel and Lee’s physiotherapists treat clients with a diverse range of conditions and injuries ranging from:

Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation

For cardiac conditions, heart bypass or valve replacement surgery and other cardiothoracic conditions

Respiratory physiotherapy

For conditions such as pneumonia, post surgical treatment or lung injuries, acute and chronic respiratory rehab

Pre and post surgical treatment

Ranging from back, knee and hip operations to abdominal surgery

Trauma patients

Including mobility, general rehabilitation respiratory and pain treatment

Patient assistance in hospital and family education

Nel and Lee is a fully registered physiotherapy practice and treat all IOD/WCA clients.

All clients are thoroughly assessed according to current research, evidence based on an international consensus. Nel and Lee’s role with each client begins on admission and continues right through to discharge and post discharge rehabilitation. Nel and Lee’s physiotherapists also gives appropriate information and family training, should it be necessary.