Group Classes at Kamp Street Practice

We specialise in group classes, this means you get the benefit of therapy and the support of peers who struggle with similar injuries.

Treatment times:


Class Day and Time
UPPER LIMB/NECK CLASSES Tuesdays (15h30-16h30)

Thursdays (9h00-10h00)

LOWER LIMB CLASSES Tuesdays (8h30-9h30)

Thursdays (15h30-16h30)

BACK CLASSES Mondays (8h30-9h30)

Wednesdays (8h30-9h30 and 15h30-16h30)

ENDURANCE CLASSES Daily: Monday – Thursday (11h30-12h30)
MOVEMENT CLASSES Fridays (8h30 to 10am)

Bookings are essential. Pulmonary and cardiac rehab as per prior arrangements. Please ensure that you arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your initial session, to complete your patient forms or download these forms on our website complete and email it to [email protected].


    Class Information

    More information on classes listed below.



    These classes are for the rehabilitation of patients following upper limb or neck injuries/surgery. The aim of the classes are to improve upper limb strength, endurance and range of motion. We also focus on improving posture, deep neck flexor strength and upper limb stability.

    Examples of conditions treated:

    • Shoulder surgery (eg. Rotator cuff repairs, acromioplasties)
    • Neck surgery (eg. Fusions, discectomies)
    • Shoulder, elbow or wrist injuries
    • Hand injuries


    These classes are for the rehabilitation of the lower limb following injury or surgery. Exercises aim to improve balance, proprioception, strength and range of motion. Functional rehabilitation techniques prepare the patient for return to sport.

    Examples of conditions treated:

    • Knee arthroscopies
    • Knee ligament surgery (eg. ACL repair)
    • Total Hip Replacements, Total Knee Replacements
    • Ankle sprains


    Back classes are for the rehabilitation of patients with back pain/ following back surgery, using Pilates-based matwork exercises.

    The aim of the classes are to:

    • Improve core strength
    • Improve lumbar mobility
    • Improve lower limb strength and balance reactions
    • Improve posture
    • Improve movement confidence following back surgery/injury


    Endurance classes aim to improve cardiovascular fitness and overall strength and endurance in order for patients to return to normal functional activities and their work demands. This complements the work rehabilitation program run by the occupational therapists.


    This class is geared towards chronic pain management, in particular for the patient to learn how to self-manage their pain. Techniques include goal-setting, therapeutic neuroscience education, exercises, relaxation/mindfulness techniques.